I Live for My New Class.

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I hope to master the Art of Storytelling!


I Admire True Bloggers!

Between balancing Summer School at our local community college and about to start two thousand square feet of 18×18 Noche Travertine Install. I FEEL LIKE A CHICKEN WITH MY HEAD CUT OFF,A MEXICAN ONE AT THAT! But eager to share my thought’s with the world. PLUS I like the fact that WORDPRESS.COM lets us speak our mind! And as soon as I complete some of this job I’ll up grade so I can get my picture on my post! LAUGH OUT LOUD BUT THANKFULL!!!!!!!!!!! Well needless to say I got a little inspiration to be more attentive to this great opportunity. Like I said in my title I Admire True Bloggers they have so much strength to sit down for a while a type a master piece. Where as I am always on the go trying to learn different ways to write so I can share them online. Still trying to figure out what works best for me. This morning I read Jessica&Love and she was so inspiring to me and made me realize that we all have great Stories to tell. We just need to post them that’s what I plan to do as I admire and learn from all my fellow bloggers on WORDPRESS……………….. thank your Bloggers have a blessed day !

What do you think about all this mess!

All over the world you see chaos. And all the U.S. is doing is flying around in Air Force One and watching the World Cup with George S. with GMA. Just Great! While everything our veterans including myself, my grandfather, my uncles and many cousins worked so hard for is just flying out the window. While Mr. President fly’s on and on.
Its sad but true everyday the United States is changing. And this didn’t start with Obama but his agenda is not in the favor of Christan or Western values.
One day the government is going to knock on our door and just like the socialist government of then that lied to the poor Jewish people and put them into carts and hauled them off to their deaths.
Look all around us its already happening to our poor brothers and sisters that are living it right now and dying in Syria and now again in Iraq. I am talking about mass killings and don’t let us forget about our brothers and sisters dying in Africa. These Islamic extremist only recognize one thing. That is, that we convert if we don’t convert its over for us.
With that being said,we already know we are all gonna to die. Because now is the time for the Muslim Rule. This is what the Word of God calls the abomination of desolation. When the Muslims besiege the Holy Mount and desecrate the temple.
What I recommend to you and to everyone that cares to listen. Start sharpening your prune hooks and machetes, cause when this happen there will be no bullets and very little guns.
Think about it, how will you protect your family? Are you ready? As for me I will fight to the end and not be lead like a sheep to be slaughtered.
The propaganda will come in the form of deceit. For example the powers that be will announce a sea level rise within the next five years and with that offer to move people to a more safe location.
Don’t fall for it once you leave your spot consider yourself dead your better off fighting to your death. Surely we can learn from that lie in history. The lie to gather people to their deaths.
So where do we go from here? Please allow me to explain. The problem is faith. This is all in line with the word of God. It says that we will be asked to denounce Jesus Christ and those of us that don’t will lose our head.
Therefore brothers and sisters there’s only one way out. Whether this happens tomorrow or fifty years from now, the decision you make today to follow Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior and as soon as you can get baptized, this will not affect you in any way cause our promise as believers is to reign for eternal lfe!
This will be all that matters. Anybody can come and kill us and we will not be moved for we know a better place promised to us from on High with God Almighty the Father and His beloved Son Jesus my strength and Savior! You still have time to make it right with your King!