Are You a Critical Thinker?


Seferino Ruiz

September 3, 2014

Creative Thinking CRE 101

Tues and Thus from 12:30 to 1:45

Characteristics of a Critical Thinker

After several days I’m still intrigued by the term Relativistic Thinking – the thought of being better because one is more moral. It’s no secret things have gotten way out of control. Thinking for today is different than how someone would have thought in the seventies and so on. Today in Our ever changing society we use a lot more critical thinking to solve todays growing problems and arguments. This has primarily happened because the love has gone cold due to lawlessness and the enemy has evolved in its trickery to give lawlessness momentum. Over the years posing arguments have now resorting to more vicious tactics leaving the innocent no choice but to use our key intellectual traits of critical thinking to counter the false claim or argument. Therefore I will attempt to share with you my characteristic strength, weakness and how to improve on my weakest trait. So put your thinking cap on and be prepared to crash and burn. Hum, not a good idea better yet just put your thinkers on!

Now the beauty of today is evident in just how brilliant people have become. In everyday life we are just amazed at how far sports have come, in just how far medicine has achieved and for that matter just how far educational options have come. So forth and so on. And with the good always come the bad. Although some enemies, crooks and deceivers have left us no choice but to think as detectives do. Cautiously using critical thinking standards such as clarity, accuracy, and fairness helps us to zero in on the true identity of a critical thinker. I would have to say that the number one key intellectual critical thinking strength I display would be the option, “One who bases their beliefs on facts and evidence rather than on personal preference or self-interest.” (Pdf Ch.1 pg.25) I believe I have this strength because of my mother she just taught me at a real young age not to give false accusations against anyone or be a false witness against anyone. And those words my mother spoke really seem to inspire that particular strength mentioned above from the readings. I remember growing up and I’d try to lie about something, my mom would just see it in my face. I was not a good liar so I began to understand that being truthful can set us free from all kind of mumbo jumbo grief.

And on the other hand there’s just something’s when it comes to critical thinking that I’m just dumbfounded about or have yet to drop like a bad habit. My weakest critical thinking option would have to be the one that says, “Fear and resist ideas that challenge my basic beliefs.” I’m mainly this way, because I’m very judgmental and set in my ways. Hell, who isn’t? There’s no doubt that passing judgment is one of humanities weakest links. Being so judgmental is so passive now that people tie in our own failures and fears in stereotyping and judging others. The only possible way to improve and strengthen my weakest trait and I hate to admit it but it is probably going to be this class. Reason being is I’m normally a very secluded type of person not being around anyone who can give me other options of thinking outside the normal. And getting knowledge just makes it easier to see it from a different light especially when it comes from professors and accredited text books.  Then I feel comfortable looking at the other options!


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