I’m Loving my college class!


CRE 101 Week 3                                                                               September 12, 201

There’s no denying that every single thing we learned as a class this week, will be and has been very beneficial to our creative thinking for today and for future analylizations, synthesis, and evaluations of modern proposed problems and arguments. In this review I will explain just how premises, conclusion, arguments and non arguments pertain to my personal life, to my daily class life and to how they can affect my foundation of learning. The following information is no generalization of personal intuition but factual claims of class exercises and textbook readings.

The truth is I can for see myself using a more coherent type of critical thinking when I read contracts, proposals, and who knows maybe even legal papers on day. Just off the top of my head one area where we should use critical thinking but we don’t in 2014 is the term’s of use, acceptance and conditions for certain types if not all Apps and WiFi community connections. Although CRE 101 has made me more open minded to recognize and familiarize myself with statements that purpose arguments through the understanding of how to pick out premises and conclusions in statements. That may or may not be argument articles. As in the past for me it has been difficult and obscured through lack of knowledge to understand arguments in statements. Just from reading them. But through better understanding of Rhetorical Appeals like Pathos, dealing with emotion and Logos dealing with logic and facts. I’m able to see the purpose of the article, the speaker, and argument type.

My biased mental habits, stereotypes and opinions that have betrayed my thinking for years are being buried as we speak. Instead I opt in to asking critical questions. Asking meaningful questions is my new doctrine, which will in turn help me evaluate evidence or assumptions of any argument, proposed to me in the future. In Asking the right Questions chapter eight, How Good Is the Evidence? Browne and Keeley help us understand how important it is to “evaluate factual claims, the legitimacy of evidence and just how good is our evidence when we propose our arguments.”(Brown, Keeley 92)

Shocking enough taking time to examine all the given evidence in my other class syllabi is going strong into my fourth week. Thus supporting my factual claim that with out studying the evidence on the syllabi I will be lost and at risk of failing all my classes                                          only due to my lack of evaluation on the given evidence. But due to my intuition of critical thinking I have stayed on top of the ball game!

And last but not least, It’s  this type of critical thinking that will shock me into and lead me to ask more critical questions for today and for the remainder of my entire college career. In particular, our thinking caps have to be fully charged when dealing with finding evidence through research that will be used to support an argument. Such an example was the C.R.A.A.P Test, which helps us to evaluate the research and evidence that we find on the Internet. Where in our course textbook Brown and Keeley teach us how to test and evaluate the text of articles that are biased, generalizations, personal testimonies and overall being able to evaluate research in general from A-Z. (Brown, Keeley 115) Wow, I’m very grateful for this insight into smarter thinking …….. Thank You Critical Thinking Week Three.

  1. Brown Neil.M, & Keeley Stuart M, (2007). Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking 11th edition, Pg 92 and 115.

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